SquirrelMovies - top obscure arthouse films

How it all started

Back in a secondary school, I spent way too much time playing online games and searching for movies. Looking at the poster, the description or the trailer, I wanted the movie to be fun but also have a little more than that. I watched a few British comedies and thought it’s the best genre for what I’m looking for.

How I got into obscure movies

Once I’ve seen enough of British comedies, things started to get a bit confusing. I look for a movie and the poster shows a superhero, or two guys in black suites, or a 20 year old agent – nah, too mainstream. Wait, this movie has a guy with hat:

“Our hero fights evil forces at night. He also wears a hat. Always”

Hmm, let’s read on:

“At day, he takes care of a father who recently got back from jail”

Oh man, I better skip this one. And so I was out of movies.

What happened next? Nothing 🙂 I started watching other kind of movies. Why squirrelmovies.com? Well, it sounds good and who doesn’t like squirrels. And why did I create this blog has to do with my memory. I tend to remember things from most of the movies I’ve seen. All this information floats around in my head and has to be used until it’s gone.

About the content

As of writing this post, the site had 250 movies. Most of it is what I like, and the others are what I don’t. It’s more interesting this way. I will be adding more movies as I see something worth a squirrel, and I’m always open for obscure suggestions from my fellow arthouse fans. So welcome, have a good read and see you in the comments.

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