I Am Not Madame Bovary


Li Xuelian, a woman from the countryside is falsely accused by her husband of having an affair. To defend herself, Li moves from her small town to the big city until she reached the capital.

Director Feng Xiaogang
Runtime 2 h 08 min
Release Date 29 September 2016

The first minutes felt ambiguous. Good cinematography and interesting concept, but the jokes a bit cheesy. These and the runtime are the only concerns, because other than that this movie is a masterpiece. It‘s a political satire that feels like an extremely entertaining adventure. The idea to show the distorted view of Chinese government in a circle is genial. And it’s only in favor of cinematography. The movie is very picturesque, like a collection of beautiful postcards which make everything look authentic. The acting is good and so is the humor when you know the context.

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