The Girl and the Spider


Lisa is moving. Upheaval all around: Her mother flirts with a handyman. An eccentric woman seems to be preparing for a glamorous event. A family next door returns from vacation. And a girl documents the adventurous day. As boxes are transported, walls painted white, and furniture is assembled, underlying problems in need of fixing are revealed, a to-do list expands, and desires and needs flair up… A tragicomic catastrophe film. A poetic ballad about change […]

This was my last attempt in one of the local movie festivals, and I finally got it right. Technically, this is not a perfect movie but it gives a completely…
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Don’t Look Up

Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction

Two low-level astronomers must go on a giant media tour to warn humankind of an approaching comet that will destroy planet Earth.

One of these times when I have to give credit to the Hollywood for the good looking big budget films. I've been missing these in the pandemic and as a…
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Drama, Thriller, Horror

A woman with a metal plate in her head from a childhood car accident embarks on a bizarre journey, bringing her into contact with a firefighter who’s reunited with his missing son after 10 years.

Take an extreme body horror, mix it with a heavily social theme and you have a Palme d'Or winner :) It would be much better if the director didn't try…
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Science Fiction, Thriller, Drama, Mystery

Kept locked inside the house by her father, 7-year-old Chloe lives in fear and fascination of the outside world, where Abnormals create a constant threat—or so she believes. When a mysterious stranger offers her a glimpse of what’s really happening outside, Chloe soon finds that while the truth isn’t so simple, the danger is very real.

A great little surprise in the science-fiction genre. I had a doubt about superhero theme but totally no complaints after watching the movie
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The Kid Detective

Comedy, Drama, Mystery

A once-celebrated kid detective, now 31, continues to solve the same trivial mysteries between hangovers and bouts of self-pity. Until a naive client brings him his first ‘adult’ case, to find out who brutally murdered her boyfriend.

Original, easy going and never dumb. The best movie I've seen during the pandemic.
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Drama, War

A Chinese peasant is given the responsibility of protecting his village’s special dairy cow during a particularly harsh winter in 1940.

It was a Spring’s film festival and I had to choose a movie. There were many social themed ones that I’m generally careful about. I kept reading the programme until…
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Uncut Gems

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Crime, Thriller, Drama, Comedy

A charismatic New York City jeweler always on the lookout for the next big score makes a series of high-stakes bets that could lead to the windfall of a lifetime. Howard must perform a precarious high-wire act, balancing business, family, and encroaching adversaries on all sides in his relentless pursuit of the ultimate win.

I’ve never imagined liking a movie with Sandler this much. One of the best movies in years. The whole script is based on one man’s suddenly collapsing life, and executed…
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The Lighthouse

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Drama, Fantasy, Thriller, Horror

Two lighthouse keepers try to maintain their sanity while living on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890s.

Bought a ticket to an early screening and got sick. Waited 6 months for another screening, bought another ticket, and all the theaters got closed due to covid-19. After all…
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The Trouble with You

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Comedy, Drama, Romance, Crime

Detective Yvonne is the widow of police chief Santi, a local hero in a town on the French Riviera. When she learns he was in fact a crooked cop, she tries to right his wrongs. Crossing paths with Antoine, a victim of Santi, sets off a series of wild events.

Not just a dramatic comedy, this is art. I loved every piece of it. It’s bizarre, entertaining, at times sad. There’s a mix of genres which blends very well here.…
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The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

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Comedy, Drama, Western

Vignettes weaving together the stories of six individuals in the old West at the end of the Civil War. Following the tales of a sharp-shooting songster, a wannabe bank robber, two weary traveling performers, a lone gold prospector, a woman traveling the West to an uncertain future, and a motley crew of strangers undertaking a carriage ride.

Love the format of this one. The quality of the stories varies from good to perfection, but once the end credits start to roll, you get a one big picture…
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