The Girl and the Spider


Lisa is moving. Upheaval all around: Her mother flirts with a handyman. An eccentric woman seems to be preparing for a glamorous event. A family next door returns from vacation. And a girl documents the adventurous day. As boxes are transported, walls painted white, and furniture is assembled, underlying problems in need of fixing are revealed, a to-do list expands, and desires and needs flair up... A tragicomic catastrophe film. A poetic ballad about change and transience. After The Strange Little Cat, this is the second part of a planned trilogy about human togetherness.

Runtime 1 h 39 min
Release Date 20 October 2021

This was my last attempt in one of the local movie festivals, and I finally got it right. Technically, this is not a perfect movie but it gives a completely different experience with great acting, camera work and engaging script.

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