Science Fiction, Thriller, Drama, Mystery

Kept locked inside the house by her father, 7-year-old Chloe lives in fear and fascination of the outside world, where Abnormals create a constant threat—or so she believes. When a mysterious stranger offers her a glimpse of what’s really happening outside, Chloe soon finds that while the truth isn’t so simple, the danger is very real.

A great little surprise in the science-fiction genre. I had a doubt about superhero theme but totally no complaints after watching the movie
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The Kid Detective

Comedy, Drama, Mystery

A once-celebrated kid detective, now 31, continues to solve the same trivial mysteries between hangovers and bouts of self-pity. Until a naive client brings him his first ‘adult’ case, to find out who brutally murdered her boyfriend.

Original, easy going and never dumb. The best movie I've seen during the pandemic.
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Bad Times at the El Royale

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Thriller, Drama, Mystery

Lake Tahoe, 1969. Seven strangers, each one with a secret to bury, meet at El Royale, a decadent motel with a dark past. In the course of a fateful night, everyone will have one last shot at redemption.

OK, it’s weird, but I will compare this movie to the Passengers. Both trailers wanted the movies to look more mainstream. Both movies are just the perfect balance of everything.…
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Drama, Mystery, Thriller

A college student starts to experience extreme seizures. She soon learns that the violent episodes are a symptom of inexplicable abilities.

This mysterious drama immediately went to the top of my list. In the beginning, it's a cold minimalistic Scandinavian cinema with a perfect portrayal of schizophrenic atmosphere. As it approaches…
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Drama, Horror, Mystery

A couple’s relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence.

It was almost too patrician to understand. It’s a mysterious show of weirdos in a house. You feel like sitting in the top floor and watching their lives until you…
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One Way

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Crime, Mystery, Thriller

To cover up his infidelities and protect his upcoming marriage, a star advertiser helps free an accused rapist by giving a false alibi and suffers the brutal revenge of the victim.

What a nice little find. A perfect thriller with a strong character study and some tasty symbolism.
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Free Fire

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Action, Crime, Mystery

A crime drama set in 1970s Boston, about a gun sale which goes wrong.

It’s hard to believe how I like this movie. Basically, it’s filmed in a single location, has no scenario with people screaming and shooting the whole time. And it’s hilarious.…
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The Wailing

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Horror, Mystery

A stranger arrives in a little village and soon after a mysterious sickness starts spreading. A policeman is drawn into the incident and is forced to solve the mystery in order to save his daughter.

An entertaining, clever and unseen mix of genres that goes straight to the top of my collection. How well the movie shifts from comedy to horror and then to drama…
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The Hateful Eight

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Crime, Drama, Mystery, Western

Bounty hunters seek shelter from a raging blizzard and get caught up in a plot of betrayal and deception.

I’ll go ahead and say this is one of the best movies from Tarantino. I see how it may seem lacking due to being set in a small environment, but…
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Inherent Vice

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Comedy, Romance, Crime, Drama, Mystery

In Los Angeles at the turn of the 1970s, drug-fueled detective Larry “Doc” Sportello investigates the disappearance of an ex-girlfriend.

I see how this isn‘t a generally loved movie. It‘s almost too confusing, but luckily the detective line doesn‘t matter that much after all. The hippie detective moves through a…
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