Ruben Brandt, Collector

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Animation, Action, Thriller, Crime

Psychotherapist Ruben Brandt becomes the most wanted criminal in the world when he and four of his patients steal paintings from the world’s most renowned museums and art collections.

I’ve found quite a few good movies lately, but most of it was good in a classic way. You know, the script, the acting, the meaning. I needed a completely…
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Free Fire

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Action, Crime, Mystery

A crime drama set in 1970s Boston, about a gun sale which goes wrong.

It’s hard to believe how I like this movie. Basically, it’s filmed in a single location, has no scenario with people screaming and shooting the whole time. And it’s hilarious.…
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Action, Science Fiction, Drama

In a future where a failed global-warming experiment kills off most life on the planet, a class system evolves aboard the Snowpiercer, a train that travels around the globe via a perpetual-motion engine.

A very carefully crafted sci-fi thriller. It appeals more to the mind rather than heart, but does it so well that I just enjoyed the tasty cinematography, the intelligent script…
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The Guard

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Action, Comedy, Thriller, Crime

Two policemen must join forces to take on an international drug- smuggling gang – one, an unorthodox Irish policeman and the other, a straitlaced FBI agent. Sergeant Gerry Boyle is an eccentric small-town cop with a confrontational and crass personality and a subversive sense of humor. A longtime policeman in County Galway, Boyle is a maverick with his own moral code. He has seen enough of the world to know there isn’t much to it […]

There isn’t much going on here, so why did I like it, huh. Well, it’s an exact opposite of Hollywood’s cop comedies. Technically, it is a comedy, but the feeling…
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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

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Action, Comedy, Romance, Music, Fantasy

As bass guitarist for a garage-rock band, Scott Pilgrim has never had trouble getting a girlfriend; usually, the problem is getting rid of them. But when Ramona Flowers skates into his heart, he finds she has the most troublesome baggage of all: an army of ex-boyfriends who will stop at nothing to eliminate him from her list of suitors.

One of the Edgar Wright’s best. A completely chill movie with its own refreshing style. Great camera work and acting with lots of fun and good music. Don’t watch Baby…
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Drama, Action, Comedy, Crime

A crooked cop, a mob boss and the young girl they abuse are the denizens of a city’s criminal underworld. It’s a world that ordinary Arthur Poppington doesn’t understand and doesn’t belong in, but is committed to fighting when he changes into a vigilante super-hero of his own making, Defendor. With no power other than courage Defendor takes to the streets to protect the city’s innocents.

An intelligent take on superhero black comedy. It’s hard to imagine this movie without Harrelson, but I also like the director’s choice not to over-dramatize. Better than Kick-Ass, I’d say,…
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Action, Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller

A teacher opens a time capsule that has been dug up at his son’s elementary school; in it are some chilling predictions — some that have already occurred and others that are about to — that lead him to believe his family plays a role in the events that are about to unfold.

Misleading poster hides a little gem. While it has some patterns of a big budget movies, it certainly stays on its own with a dramatic and intelligent storyline in the…
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Hot Fuzz

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Crime, Action, Comedy

As a former London constable, Nicholas Angel finds it difficult to adapt to his new assignment in the sleepy British village of Sandford. Not only does he miss the excitement of the big city, but he also has a well-meaning oaf for a partner. However, when a series of grisly accidents rocks Sandford, Angel smells something rotten in the idyllic village.

Starts as hilarious comedy, then gets weirder and weirder to the point where it enters the absurd territory. All of it done in such class that it’s only to the…
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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

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Adventure, Fantasy, Action

Young hobbit Frodo Baggins, after inheriting a mysterious ring from his uncle Bilbo, must leave his home in order to keep it from falling into the hands of its evil creator. Along the way, a fellowship is formed to protect the ringbearer and make sure that the ring arrives at its final destination: Mt. Doom, the only place where it can be destroyed.

As you see in this site, I like weird movies. But when it comes to The Lord of the Rings, I have to be with the majority and say, yah,…
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Chain of Fools

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Action, Comedy, Crime

An avid detective is assigned to investigate the heist of a batch of precious coins that end up in the hands of a suicidal barber.

OK, this isn’t something spectacular, but I have a thing for these sitcoms. I always thought this is a British movie, because, well, it looks British. Not overdone, stylish, has…
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